Here you find a selection of current projects

Bell installation for the church in Deusmauer with fall clappers

The bell tower of the church in Deusmauer has 3 steel bells hanging on strongly cranked bell supports made out of steel. The counterweight clappers, which were susceptible to damage, were replaced by heavy-duty pall clappers. We designed and calculated these pall clappers in cooperation with the ProBell® Competence Center for Bells.

Restoration of the belfry and bell automation of the church in Gimpertshausen

At the beginning of the complete renovation of the bell and bell automation system, the bells, motors and bell fittings as well as the entire belfry were dismantled.  Within the renovation a verifiable statics for the belfry was created. The planning of the belfry was done with the help of a 3D CAD program.

Aserbaidschan (5).JPG

Tower clocks, carillon and circulating figures in Azerbaijan

For a hotel in Nachitschewan we developed and manufactured a complete figure circulation. 20 carillon bells were delivered and installed by us, so that different songs could be played at the full hour. The dials have LED lighting on the back.

IMG-20200512-WA0000 1.jpg

Resoration of the tower clock at St. Johann Baptist Munich

3 dials of the church St. Johann Baptist in Munich have a diameter of 4.15 m and 1 dial has a diameter of 2.55 m.  The dials had to be cleaned completely from paint. Afterwards a multiple priming and varnishing was done by hand. The numbers have a so-called gothic form.


Restoration of the bell and bell automation of the church in Schernfeld

The church in Schernfeld has received three new bell supports made of seasoned oak wood with self-aligning ball bearings and soft turned axle journals.  After hanging out the bells, the new bell supports and bearings were fitted with new hand-forged axle straps.

Erhard Pritschet bei der Montage der Außenuhr für das Jahnstadion

Installation of the public clock at the Jahn-Stadium in Regensburg

A clock tower with scoreboard was built at the new Jahn-Stadium of Regensburg, which exactly corresponds to the former tower at the old stadium. The landmark from the time-honored Jahn-Stadium was reproduced in detail, including, of course, the corresponding analogue outdoor clock.

Montage Joche Basilika Kempten

Renewal of the bell supports in the Lorenzbasilica in Kempten

2 employees replaced the old bell supports with 5 new wooden yokes with bearings and bearing plates for 5 of the 7 bells in the St. Lorenz Basilica in Kempten. The yokes of bell 1 and 3 were renewed in 2003.

Begutachtung Zifferblätter astronomische Uhr

Restoration of the astronomical clock for the German Museum 

The astronomical clock in the courtyard of the German Museum consists of a dial ring with a diameter of 6.6 m, a 1 meter wide ring with copper animal circle signs, an inner dial for the seconds and one for the weekdays with a diameter of about 3 m. We deinstalled and installed the complete clock and needed several thousand folios of gold during the renovation.