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Bell hammer drive

The stroke of a bell is done in the same way since 400 years: The bell hammer is lifted up and by the force of its own weight falls onto the bell and effects the bell stroke. In this manner a harmonic, soft and full tone is assured. Rauscher bell hammer mounting drives are the perfect solution for the operation of hour- and quarter-hour bell hammers for the bells of just about any size. To assure the smooth mounting of bell hammers for bells up to 5000 kg, gear box as well as mounting device come with built-in ball bearings. As all Rauscher products Rauscher bell hammer drives are conceived to guarantee a fault-free operation over decades.

Bell hammer motor to drive clock hammers
Bell hammer system

Bell hammer system

The stroke drive is individually crafted for each bell and bell cage. No matter if side- or sliding hammers – particular focus is put on assuring a well balanced weight-ratio between striking hammer and bell. The precision customisation assures that the hammer strikes the bell in a way the optimal sound can be obtained while abrasive forces on the rim are minimized.

Electro magnetic bell striking

Originally coming from chimes, electromagnetic bell striking are gaining in importance. Any constellation and specification can be delivered by the Rauscher Tower Clock Manufactory


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