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Private House Clock


Facade clocks, indoor clocks and turret clocks

For private persons, our classic tower clocks can be produced for indoor and outdoor use. Usually these tower clocks are smaller and require adaption to special structural features. You can plan your tower clock with us and look over our shoulder during production. 

Turret clock

Georg Rauscher wanted to bring the atmosphere emanating from a mechanical tower clock into people's room. That is the reason why we are building Rauscher turret clocks today - a unique interpretation of the historical tower clock and an expression of an old craftsmanship that has been brought back to life.

Every turret clock is a work for time - Precision, aesthetics and values are created. As a pure clock-work mechanism, it does not chime, but shows the time extremely precise.  With unobtrusive lightness it attracts attention. As a clear soloist.

Rauscher Exterior Clocks don't come off-the-shelf. You can have them made fitting your own design creativity and taste.
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You do not necessarily need a painting or picture to add your personal note to a room. Our Towerclock dials are perfect as design objects and oversized time keepers expressing your own style and taste in a very rare and individualistic manner.
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The ultimate in standing clocks. The Rauscher Turret Clock is hand crafted after the original technical drawings of company founder Georg Rauscher. 

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