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Radio-controlled street clock, autonomic or with separate master clock

Our analog, wall mounted street clocks are available in one- or two sided versions. The bodies are made of stainless steel or aluminium cast in simple, modernistic designs or in any kind of antique-or retro-design. Depending on the customers specifications the clock works can be DCF-77 radio controlled or conceived as slave clocks. For their control we recommend to use our MiniTimer master clock.

The rainproof bodies of these outdoor or train station clocks can be lacquered in any RAL-colour tone. Their dials are made of translucent, white polycarbonate. They are UV resistant and be fitted with any kind of design and logos that a customer requires.

The protective screen is made of shatter-proof and is equally UV-resistant, assuring that even during extreme sun exposure, the glass will not yellow.

Column mounted Street clocks can be made two-, three- or four-faced. Additional bodies for advertising purposes allow you to spread you individual messages in a very unique and personalized manner. A back lighting can be assured either through neon-tubes or through one- or multi-coloured LED. In addition digital screens for temperature or date display can be fitted. Each one of our street clocks will be planned to the exact specifications of our customers to assure that the clock will serve your purposes best.


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