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Bell supports

Rauscher bell supports are made from solid and particularly old oak. For sound reasons, steel bell supports are usually only used when space is limited. At the same time, we deliver all bell fittings in very solid hot-galvanised steel, thus assuring safety over a long time. For the bearings we are only using pendulum ball from quality brand SKF.

Bell clappers

We produce hand beaten clappers with a quality assured maximum Brinell-strength of 135 HB 30. This is prerequisite for smooth operation and soft ring of the clapper. Only with perfectly balanced clappers, bells are able to sound in an unique way. As several centuries of experience show, multi-layer calfskin is the best material when it comes to attaching the clappers to the bell. Single layers of leather reach a thickness of 5 mm. For each bell individually we produce "turning rings" and middle-screws assuring a smooth side traction during the ringing process and helping minimize abrasive forces on the bell.


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