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private house clocks

Facade clocks with your individual note

Rauscher Exterior Clocks don't come off-the-shelf. You can have them made fitting your own design creativity and taste. The clocks will become unique expression of your personal design taste, while you will be owning a particularly rare piece of ancient craftsmanship with all parts being hand made in the Tower Clock Manufactory. The dials are manufactured just as the dials of big tower clocks on churches and town halls, hence respecting the same high standards concerning quality and longevity as their “big brothers”.

The Technology

No matter how individual and innovative your ideas, the technology behind your ideas will always be state of the art and absolutely hassle free. All components are originals that are usually also used on church towers and public clocks - often left to withstand tough physical conditions over decades without the slightest malfunctioning.


You have a project with very special requirements?

Benefit from our many years of experience.

We are happy to give you advice!

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