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Fully electronic bell automation

Since decades we are specialized on delivering and mounting of bell ringing machines. Since 1990 we are also developing electronically managed ringing mechanisms. The letter also assures adjustment of the ringing process during ringing. A perfect intonation of the bells is guaranteed. We also use low-revolving German motors to make sure that each ringing phase begins smoothly. In addition every machine is fitted with a programmable soft start and soft breaking system. Uniquely we are delivering each motor within the mechanism with its own electronic. Should it come to a problem with one of the motors, the electronic bell automation never fails completely. Also the modular construction on the electronic components make that these can easily be exchanged by local electrician.

Fully electronic bell automation motor
Installed fully electronic bell ringing motor
Service friendly mounting

Opposite to most of the products available on the market, each one of our motors is delivered with its own, independent electronic. In the case of any disorder only the bell is concerned who's components are broken or damaged. In addition to that the modular construction makes it easy for our maintenance technicians to exchange parts on the spot - hence reducing total cost of ownership significantly.


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