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The Rauscher turret clock

The ultimate in standing clocks. The Rauscher Turret Clock is hand crafted after the original technical drawings of company founder Georg Rauscher I. In former times it used to be the smallest of all mechanical tower clocks that was build in the Rauscher Tower Clock Manufactory. That's why it is not at all a standing clock in the original form and sense but rather an original and robust tower clock made to withstand the strenuous physical conditions on a church tower - only this time in a new, timeless form, made to attract the looks of your friends, visitors or customers.

Mechanische Standuhr
Kleine Turmuhr aus massiver Bronze

Extreme solidity

The Rauscher Turret Clocks run smooth and extremely robust - even placing hands in the escapement wheel doesn't hurt its functioning. This robustness and solidity has literally been proven by very satisfied customers in Japan, where even the often reoccurring earthquakes do not seem to impress the sturdy mechanism. At the same time its exactitude is outstanding in comparison to other standing- or grandfather-clocks - part of the reason can be seen in its 110 kg weight.

Ultimate craftsmanship

The Rauscher Turret Clock has been conceived by Georg Rauscher III and his daughter Christine: it is entirely hand made in the manufactory. Precision engineering and superior materials blend together in this unique work and assure a masterful functioning and precision. All parts of the clock are made of cast bronze or stainless steel as well as finest aged wood - depending on the customer requirements. Each part is turned and milled, filed and polished. Even the screws and nuts are either handmade or reworked individually to fit the clock's specifications. Only this impressive effort assures customers the physical and technological perfection expected from such a masterpiece of time.

Technical Details

Height: 172 cm (68 inches)
Width: 48 cm (19 inches)
Depth: 40 cm (16 inches)
Total weight: 110 kg (243 pounds)
Materials: Massive Bronze, Stainless Steel
Price from 29.500,- € (wooden frame)
Price from 33.500,- € (bronce frame)
Prices ex works without tax

Zeichenpläne und Rohwerke Turmuhr


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