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General Terms and Conditions

Pictures and drawings will help to illustrate and describe the text. Subject to change without prior notice. Subject to intellectual property rights of technical drawings, quotations, catalogues, all written words and pictures. All additional information, pictures or drawings coming with our quotation are reserved for the receiver and must not be given to a third party.

Prices are ex works Regensburg without packaging and transport. Delivery is at receiver’s risk.

All quotation prices are net prices. Payment terms are for all international sales: 40 % of the total order sum with the order and 60% with delivery. Payment has to be done only to our company accounts.

The terms of delivery ex works take effect once all necessary data to carry out the order are clear. We are not responsible for delay in delivery because of force majeure or strike. This will not authorize cancellation of the order.

If assistants or helpers will be needed for the installation, Rauscher company will inform the buyer previously. Helpers etc. are at the expenses of the buyer. Our quotations do not include the costs for scaffolding or electrical wiring which is necessary to connect our master clocks, movements or other electric devices. On the other hand we will provide all necessary data and wiring plans to allow a correct installation of the electric system.

For all mechanical parts we issue a guarantee of 3 years. For all electric parts, like motors, switches, contacts and others, we take a guarantee over 1 year.

We obligate ourselves to correct free of charge all upcoming defects during the period of guarantee, if these defects are in our field of responsibility (poor material, faulty construction). Exempt from our guarantee are disturbances due to force majeure or improper handling. Cleaning and lubrication of the equipment as well as natural wasting are not part of our guarantee.

Place of fulfilment and jurisdiction for delivery and payment is the city of Regensburg.

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