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Familie Rauscher


A historical responsibility that not only we as family members but also our qualified employees share. Together we guarantee you the highest performance quality of the Rauscher Tower Clock Factory.

(precision mechanics, mechanics, locksmiths and electricians)

If you have project-related questions regarding the technical execution of certain systems, we will forward you to the assigned mechanic or precision mechanic. Our qualified employees will be pleased to provide you with information, to carry out the installation of your tower clock system and to inform you about the functionality of individual products.

Georg Rauscher III
(customer service for tower clocks, quality management)

From 1965 to 2002 he was the managing director of our tower clock factory. He is still very interested in ensuring the high quality standard of the company and, together with his son-in-law Sören, in achieving the satisfaction of all customers. When acquiring new customers and opening up new markets, his contacts to churches, communities and cities, which he was able to establish during his 55-year business career, are an important asset for us.


Sören Draack
(customer service for bells, Managing Director)

Husband of Ingrid Rauscher. Sören joined the company in 1993 after completing his studies of economics at the University of Regensburg. Since 2002 he has been the managing director of the company and together with his wife Ingrid he is maintaining the family tradition in the 4th generation. Today he is responsible for customer service, project management and acquisition..

Ingrid Rauscher
(external service, accounting, fault acceptance)

Youngest daughter of Elisabeth and Georg Rauscher. After completing her studies in business administration, she joined the company in 1994 and is now head of its administration. She is responsible for personnel management, coordination and logistics of order processing and is a competent contact person for customers in every area.

Elisabeth Rauscher
(research and development, purchasing)

While studying electrical engineering, she completed her examination for the master craftsman's diploma in precision mechanics. As a graduate engineer, she is today responsible for the electronic development of our master clocks, for the electronic control and regulation products as well as for the further development of all mechanical parts of our production lines.

Christine Rauscher
(export, clocks, public relation)

After graduating in 1993, she worked for an international auditing business in Paris. Since 1998, she has built up an international client base, which she continues to expand and support, through many years of participation in the well-known watches and jewellery show in Basel. For you as a house-owner, architect or hotelier, she is the right person to contact if you are looking for a unique clock for facades or premises.

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