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Television and Radio

Watch films about our company or listen to a radio report

Here you will find a selection of TV reports, partly linked to the media libraries of the channel.

We would also be happy to send you recordings of older programs for private use.

Glockenanlage Deusmauer

Diocese of Eichstätt


Innovation in the bell tower: cranked wood-steel yokes for Deusmauer

3:25 min

Servus TV Manufaktur Rauscher Turmuhrenbauer

Hello TV


For generations, the Rauscher family has been diligently manufacturing clocks by hand, which decorate the towers all over Regensburg.

13:23 min

BR3 Fernsehen Turmuhren Rauscher

BR3 TV 03/28/2020

Erhard Pritschet has been working for us in the tower clock factory for 30 years. BR has accompanied him to his customer services at Regensburg tower clocks and looked over his shoulder.

11 min

BR Das Sonntagsgespräch mit Christine Rauscher

BR Plus Online


The sunday talk

The Georg Rauscher Tower Clock Factory ensures that people know what time it is, not only in Bavaria. Christine Rauscher talks about bell automation and tower clocks, about time and the 100th anniversary of the company.

MZ Naschrichtenportal Rauscher

MZ news portal 03/16/2018

Tower clocks of the Rauscher company around the globe. In this picture is presented our managing director Sören Draack, who develops clock and bell systems.

Stadt Regensburg, auf dem Rathausturm mit dem Uhrendoktor

City of Regensburg 16.07.2018

The tower belongs to the oldest part of the Old Town Hall. This part is normally not open to the public. Claudia Biermann and Stefan Pritschet accompanied Erhard Pritschet to the bells and the tower clock. 

2:10 min

  • BR 3 am 30.10.2010
    Zwischen Spessart und Karwendel

  • BR 3 am 30.10.2010
    Zwischen Spessart und Karwendel –  When the tower clock chimes


  • BR 3 am 05.05.2009

  • ZDFKlar! vom 20.10 2007

  • BR 3La Vita vom 23.11.2006

  • SAT 1 Live in Bayern vom 29.11.2004

  • BR3 am 12.05.2002 Wir in Bayern: The family album

  • Deutsche Welle Germany Live: Regensburg, 09.08.1999

  • NHK JapanCraftsmen of the world – The tower clock maker, 10.04.1999

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