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DigiTimer Master Clock

The Rauscher DigiTimer is a fully microprocessor-controlled and radio-synchronized quartz master clock for the control of modern tower clock and bell systems. By using a touchscreen we managed to offer you a maximum in convenience. A USB slot for an easy data transfer between your PC and the DigiTimer completes the picture. The PC software for altering the data files is included in delivery. If you are interested in more details, we are pleased to send you this program by e-mail. A longwave receiver in contact with an official radio wave time signal is constantly controlling the master clock. Also available is a GPS antenna to synchronize time worldwide.

Radio synchronized master clock DigiTimer

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Radio synchronized master clock OctoTimer

OctoTimer Master Clock

For smaller churches and town halls with bells to strike, we offer a technically adapted form of our master clock. The OctoTimer comes without the touch-screen, which is replaced by a 4-digit display and a numerical keyboard. This is how even this smaller version offers many functions of the state-of-the-art DigiTimer and hence an unbeatable cost-performance-ratio. Like all our clocks, the OctoTimer is radio synchronized for ultimate precision timing. Also available is a GPS antenna to synchronize time worldwide.

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MiniTimer Master Clock

Should you want to control tower and secondary clocks only, we also have the right solution for you. Using an extremely strong power pack in our MiniTimer it is possible to operate up to 120 slave clocks (24VDC). Also in this version, the user friendliness and comfort are priority. With a 4 line illuminated display you always have your tower clock under your control. The radio synchronisation as an option (DCF 77 or GPS) makes that a time adjustment is not necessary anymore. By the way, our MiniTimer is available with an oscillator chip (instead of a quartz) which keeps it even without radio control extremely accurate in time. No matter which way you want it, your tower clock will always be on time.

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Quartz master clocks with GPS for outside clocks

Bell Control Device

In addition to our DigiTimer and MiniTimer, we are offering a technically reduced version for the control of bell mechanisms only. Similar to the DigiTimer when it comes to time programming, the bell control device can not be used for tower clocks. Still, the bell device features the same comfort of use, radio synchronized time, yearly programming as well as a multiple line display.


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