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Rauscher tower clock-faces can be custom made in all sizes and colours and to the exact specifications of state and monument laws or to those of architects. To make sure that the design of the tower clock-face perfectly suits the customer wishes, model dials in original size are made and validated before actual production.


High-quality material

Rauscher clock-faces are made of high-resistant glass-fibre supported polyester material to assure their long life even under roughest weather conditions. Upon request the clock-faces can also be made out of stainless steal or copper. Every clock-face is hand-painted with high quality industry lacquers and in several layers. Choice of the lacquer as well as the particularly careful painting process guarantee a maximum durability of the colours through all kinds of exterior weather influences.

Individual design

According to the choice of style, the clock-faces can be painted with two or more colours in gothic, roman or Arabic numerals. Hand-gilded numerals, ornaments or other parts can equally accentuate the clock-faces look.

Clock hands

As in ancient times, Rauscher hands are hand-beaten after original models from 100% copper. Monument authorities and architects appreciate our stock of old wooden models. The models are a prerequisite for good craftsmanship. In addition to copper, we also use stainless steel for simple, straight hands.

No matter if the hands are moulded after gothic, baroque or very purist modern forms, all of them are grounded several times before being painted in several layers and before being hand gilded with 24 Karat gold leafs for the finish. The final touch is given through a polish and finally leaves each of the hands perfectly shining for decades.

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