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Bronze bells

Since roughly 1000 years bells are used for liturgical purposes in middle Europe. During this time their shape and functioning has only changed during the first 400 to 500 years - since approx. 1400 to 1500 the bell as we know it today was fully developed. Only in younger times new materials such as Steel- or Cast Iron bells as well as new production ways were introduced. We usually deliver bells that are cast from bronze in the traditional and century old clay-form procedure.

Bell shell

If a tower clock is to be provided with a quarter and / or hour strike and the bell will not be rung, thick-walled bell shells are suitable. The bell shells casted in bronze  have a deep sounding range. Thereby, the weight of a bell shell is less than the one of a classical bell, although the same tone can be produced. That means that costs can be saved and still a wonderful sound can be achieved.


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