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Renovation of the tower clocks at the cathedral in Eichstätt

The sheet iron dials, manufactured in 1958, were renewed as part of the overall renovation of Eichstätter Cathedral. The old hands were preserved and renovated

The 6 new dials measuring 3.50m square were renewed exactly to match the historical painting. Like the old dials, the new ones were made in two parts with a stainless steel connecting rail on the back due to their size. The sun rays in the middle field and the diamonds were also gilded. 800 sheets of 24 carat gold leaf were used for this.

The minute hand is 2.40m long, while the hour hand is 1.60m long. 500 sheets were needed to gild these pairs of arrow-shaped hands.

The hands of the two Gothic interior tower clocks, where the dials are painted on the wall, have also been renovated.

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