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Tower clocks, carillon and circulating figures in Azerbaijan

For a hotel in Nachitschewan we developed and manufactured a complete figure circulation. 20 carillon bells were delivered and installed by us, so that different songs could be played at the full hour. The dials have LED lighting on the back.

In the factory, the technology for the circulating figures was set up. The newly developed turning device for the figures is designed for a turning mass of up to 500 kg.

The 20 carillon bells were first fitted into the frame on the ground by our mechanic before the construction was lifted to the tower with a crane and fixed with the help of a working platform by our mechanic.

The dials are backlit and have a separate 2-piece LED equipped disc for this purpose.

The construction for the figure circulation was arrranged in several steps and then set in concrete. The 3 figures or pairs of figures were attached to the turntable and the doors were inserted with the door openers.

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