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Art clock in the Engadine with Rauscher stepper motor clock movement

The artist duo Wolfgang Aichner and Thomas Huber have realized an extraordinary art clock project at Fuorcla digl Leget on the Julier Pass. We had the great pleasure of developing and manufacturing the movement.

When a person approaches the clock, the clock hands slow down - the real time seems to be stretched. If you stand directly in front of it, the clock hands even stop. Time stands still! When you move back, the hands start moving again. In the picture sequence you can see our custom-made work as a CAD drawing and a photo. The special feature of this movement is that each clock hand is individually driven by a stepper motor and the clock hands can be adjusted independently of one another without any mechanical connection.

The dismantled clock was transported by a caravan to the 2709 m high installation site - an amazing rock formation. 

The 300 kg clock object was pulled up with specially made hanging constructions for the clock and rock gate by Pfeifer company with steel cables and pulley blocks.

The clock artwork could be admired in August and September 2021. After the project phase, the clock and the fastening are completely dismantled.

At you can follow the 2-year project from the idea to the realization.

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