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Originally the dials were painted with linseed oil paints. The painter at the time released the recipe for the colors on the back of a dial. The dials date from the late 16th century. The historically separate time display of hours and minutes was retained at Höchstädt Castle. The year 1594 is noted on a small minute dial and on the opposite one is written 1987, the year in which the entire castle and thus the tower clock were last restored.

The dials were painted by hand by the restorer Christine Hitzler and the restorer Peter Englhardt. The special acrylate lacquer was applied thinly and in several layers. The 4 hour dials are 1.80 m square and the minute dials are 1.20 m square. The hour hands have a total length of 100 cm, corresponding to the larger dials. The smaller minute hands are 60 cm long.

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