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Tower Clocks

Control Clocks, Dials and Special Equipment Since more than 95 years we manufacture Tower Clocks and with our one-stop-shopping approach we serve customers with the full range of technology around Tower Clocks and bells. From highly sophisticated and microprocessor driven radio controlled clocks, right to handmade and gilded clock dials as well as clock hands - all our products are proof of our ability to serve even the broadest range of customer needs.

Tradition in Progress From the very first beginnings of our company our aim was to connect state of the art technological development with ancient and high quality craftsmanship. This is why the Rauscher Tower Clock Manufactory has always been the driving force behind the latest developments in the field of Tower Clocks. Be it during the mechanical age with the first semi-automatic winding clock or at the beginning of the computer age, when in 1978 Germany's first fully radio controlled master clock had been installed in the Town Hall of Regensburg - since then centrally controlling about 150 church and public clocks in town. The technological development has had yet another peak, when in the beginning of 2005 the latest generation of the renown DIGITIMER microprocessor master control clock has been launched successfully.

Master Clock In addition to our DigiTimer and MiniTimer, we are offering a technically reduced version for the control of bell mechanisms only. ... [more]

Movements Rauscher motor driven central tower clock movements are conceived for the operation of several pairs of hands... [more]

Bell striking The stroke of a bell is done in the same way since 400 years: The bell hammer is lifted up and by the force of its own weight falls onto the bell and effects the bell stroke. In this manner a harmonic, soft and full tone is assured.... [more]

Clock dials Rauscher tower clock-faces can be custom made in all sizes and colours and to the exact specifications of state and monument laws or to those of architects... [more]

Weather vanes and crosses Historical church tower tops such as crosses, spheres and weather vanes are meticulously renovated. All elements are cleaned, holes and erosion marks are filled, steel pieces can be sand blasted, zinc coated and finished with corrosion protection lacquer... [more]

Sundials Long before mechanical clocks have been invented, time was measured through the position of the sun... [more]

Restoration A manufactory since 1920, we are also specialized in old mechanical tower clock movements. This is why our professional knowledge does not end with the renovation of mechanical tower clock movements... [more]