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D-93059 Regensburg, Germany

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Bell automation and bells About 45 years ago and by popular demand we began to broaden our product range to the field of bell ringing machines, bell cages and bells. Once again customer can profit from our experience and with "one stop" all expertise and products around bells can be obtained from the Rauscher Tower Clock Manufactory.

Structural Diagnostics and oscillation certification Often Church Tower are vitally damaged through the bell swinging coming from the decade-long use of bells in the tower. Modern technology makes it possible to measure the building's own oscillation and to align their frequency with the bell momentum's frequency. These oscillation measurements and diagnostics can be fulfilled by our highly experience team and they can be useful when optimizing static as well as sound design work on the tower.

Bell Automation Since decades we are specialized on delivering and mounting of bell ringing machines... [more]

Belfry We usually deliver bell frames made from mature oak or lark wood... [more]

Bell Fittings Yokes we built of massiv, matured oak. Like in former times our yokes are wearing a beautiful formed cap piece... [more]

Remote Control Your bells could also be rung by our radio controlled appliance for electrical bell mechanisms in churches and cemeteries... [more]

Bells Since roughly 1000 years bells are used for liturgical purposes in middle Europe... [more]

Carillon Carillons from perfectly tuned bells in connection with sophisticated control of the different bell clappers are always fascinating for the public and add a very special character to its surrounding... [more]